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Mechanix Wear M-Pact ORHD GlovesMechanix Wear® - Safety Gloves

Benefits of Mechanix Wear® Gloves include:

  • Thermo Plastic Resin (TPR) protection to the hand and full length of the fingers
  • High visibility to the palm and dorsal areas of the hands
  • Adequate grip
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Penetration/cut protection
  • Hot/cold weather environmental protection (where applicable)
  • Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Not a one-size fits all, offers a size appropriate glove to individuals
Manufacturers are working on alternate versions:
  • Cold climate
  • Hot climate
  • Waterproof
  • Fire Retardant
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Injuries Go Hand-in-Hand with Hardworking Oil and Gas Industry Workers
New Safety Improvements Help Reduce Hand Injuries, Enhance Performance

A job on an oil rig, a platform at sea, or at a refinery is tough work. Long hours, temperature extremes, and sometimes dangerous working conditions combine for an environment that can produce injuries for the workers. When you consider:
  • As the number of oil and gas industry workers has grown in recent years to more than 400,000, injuries and fatalities are on the rise, too.

  • With fatalities nearly eight times those of all U.S. workers and non-fatal injuries occurred at a rate of 2.0 per 100 full-time oil and gas extraction workers, 3.0 for workers in support activities for oil and gas extraction, but 5.4 for drilling oil and gas wells, the need for safety equipment and safe work practices is growing.

  • For the oil and gas industry, some 38 percent of insurance claims are for hand inquiries. This includes finger pinching, severe cuts, and abrasions and crushing injuries.

  • For oil and gas companies, the impact of each hand injury is $4,000 in administrative costs alone.

Mechanix Wear Gloves

Mechanix Wear®, the inventor of the high-performance glove category, is helping reduce hand injuries for the oil and gas industry with a new line of high-tech, hard-working oil and gas gloves. Designed through a year of proprietary field research with oil and gas workers in a variety of settings, the new Safety M-Pact® ORHD gloves deliver excellent grip, water- and oil-resistant performance, and structural protection from injuries. "In the past, oil and gas workers wore cotton or canvas gloves, often going through several pairs a day," said Brian Lunniss, director of research for Mechanix Wear®. "This didn't offer the support they needed to do their jobs effectively or provide the protection they needed to prevent injuries. We spent a great deal of time learning in the field with workers to understand what they really needed in a glove." Based on the research and testing, Mechanix Wear® engineered the Safety M-Pact® ORHD gloves with:
  • Mechanix Wear/Nascar logoThe highest level of protection and durability in a safety glove
  • Double-reinforced Sure-Grip rubberized palm for extra grip in slick situations and EVA foam heel pad to absorb impact
  • Rubber-molded exoskeleton from fingertip to wrist with stamped foam pad on tops of fingers to prevent pinching injuries
  • Highly reflective material on fingertips, wrist and palm to allow for highly visible hand signals on the job
  • High-tech material that is resistant to drilling lubricants and mud, yet washable for long use
  • Sizes from Small to XXXXL
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, with no plastic wrappers in consideration of wildlife

About Mechanix Wear® - Mechanix Wear, the #1 glove in racing, is the motor sports industry's first and foremost company dedicated to providing gloves to help you work faster, safer, and cleaner. From the introduction of the Original glove in 1991, Mechanix Wear has continually defined the state of high quality performance work gloves by adding products specifically designed to enhance comfort and resist extreme wear, temperatures, and impact. Mechanix Wear gloves can be found in toolboxes everywhere and are used for hundreds of applications from motor sports and automotive work to construction and DIY home improvement; military, tactical, and government applications; industrial and safety jobs; and emergency services and law enforcement applications.

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Mechanix Wear Safety FASTFIT®

For the industrial workplace, the Safety FastFit Glove gives you enhanced contours for a more comfortable fit. Reflective strip panel and high-visibility Day-Glow two-way stretch Spandex adds visibility. The glove also features a Clarino Synthetic Leather palm. Lycra panels between the fingers, two-ply fingertips and thumb to reduce wear and increase protection. A new taller cuff was incorporated for a more secure fit. Imported


Mechanix Wear FastFit Glove

Available Color: Hi-Viz Yellow

FastFit - Reflective
Reflective - Reflective strip panel across top of hand for safe visibility.

FastFit - Easy Entry
Easy Entry - Wide-opening elastic cuff makes it easy to pull on and off.
FastFit - Comfort
Comfort - Anatomically cut thumb area of palm provides an exceptional fit.


Mechanix Wear Safety ORIGINAL®

You can't beat the Original Hi-Viz Glove for performance, comfort, and safety in industrial environments. We've customized our signature Original Glove with high-visibility Day-Glow two-way stretch Spandex and a bright Day-Glow Color-Fast Clarino Synthetic Leather palm. There is also a Mechanix Scatter graphic pattern printed with 3M® Scotchlite™ reflective ink to add a visual effect when illuminated. Imported


Mechanix Wear Original Glove

Available Color: Hi-Viz Yellow

Original - Reflective
Reflective - 3M® Scotchlite™ reflective ink for safe visibility.
Original - Secure Fit
Secure Fit - Wrap-around rubber molded wrist closure forms better to wrist and improves comfort.
Original - Reinforced Thumb
Reinforced Thumb - High dexterity fingertips and 2-ply thumb reduces wear and increases protection.


Mechanix Wear Safety M-PACT®

A glove that absorbs punishment so your hands don't. The M-Pact® Glove has been designed with an anatomically engineered direct sonic-welded rubber top and EVA foam palm pads for improved protection. Tapered finger stretch side panels and a new Spandex stretch panel thumb area that are printed with reflective ink for an improved fit. High-visibility Day-Glow two-way stretch Spandex also adds visibility. Imported


Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves

Available Color: Hi-Viz Yellow

M-Pact - Pinch Point Protection
Pinch Point Protection - Extended knuckle guard design continues coverage to fingertips.
M-Pact - Improved Grip
Improved Grip - Rubberized grip panels on thumb and fingertip for extra control.
M-Pact - Padded Palm
Padded Palm - Anatomically patterned EVA foam palm panels.


Mechanix Wear Safety M-PACT 2®

For super protection and an unbelievable fit, try the M-Pact® 2 Glove. Anatomically designed with advanced features that include tapered stretch side panels that form comfortably between fingers and a molded Neoprene cuff for a seamless fit to your wrist. We've also covered you by integrating impact-absorbing molded rubber finger protection and EVA deep ribbed accordion knuckle protection. For added visibility the glove has high-visibility Day-Glow two-way stretch Spandex and printed reflective ink on the knuckle. Imported


Mechanix Wear M-Pact 2 Gloves

Available Color: Hi-Viz Yellow

M-Pact Pinch Point Protection
Pinch Point Protection - Extended knuckle guard design continuous coverage to fingertips.
M-Pact 2 - Extreme Knuckle Guard
Extreme Knuckle Guard - Accordion design with dense EVA foam padding reduces impact.
M-Pact 2 - Max Protection
Max Protection - Complete impact protection from fingertips to wrist area.


Mechanix Wear Safety M-PACT® ORHD

Be prepared for everything. Originally designed for work on oil rigs and platforms, the Safety M-Pact® ORHD is rugged enough to handle the most difficult of tasks. A rubber-molded exoskeleton integrates with a stamped foam padded top of hand and extended cuff for complete protection. The rubber molding extends to the fingertips for pinch point protection. The palm is double reinforced with rubberized grip for extra durability and grip in slick situations. High visibility reflective material is located on the fingertips, wrist, and palm. Imported


Mechanix Wear M-Pact ORHD Gloves

Available Color: Hi-Viz Yellow

M-Pact ORHD - Reflective
Reflective - High-visibility reflective material on fingertips and cuff area.
M-Pact ORHD - Rugged Protection
Rugged Protection - Entire top of hand foam padding with integrated rubber molded exoskeleton extending from fingertips to wrist.
M-Pact ORHD - Full Palm Protection
Full Palm Protection - Anatomically cut dual layer rubberized grip and synthetic leather palm with EVA foam heel pad.