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Increased Penetration Rate Products


Vibra Stop


  • Specifically designed to drastically reduce rod torque, eliminate vibration, and condition the bore hole.


Hi-Tech 100-50


  • A unique cost-saving fluid formulated to speed up hole-collaring, reduce collar sloughing, and stabilize the total blast hole.




  • The ultimate rotary and diamond drilling product for in-hole torque reducing, protecting against rod wear, preventing rust, and extending bit life.


Bio-Cut Plus


  • Environmentally safe, water soluble diamond drill bit lubricant and clay inhibitor.




  • A low-use drilling fluid system supplement for increasing core recovery and controlling water loss in broken or sandy ground conditions.


DD Foam 1560 and Foamer C


  • A high-quality, environmentally safe surfactant (foamer) with exceptional solids-carrying capacity developed for use in diamond, rotary, and water well drilling operations.


Foamer ES


  • A non-alcohol based foam used for diamond and rotary drilling. It provides an environmentally acceptable foaming agent for water well drilling operations.