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Enviro / Geotechnical Drilling Products


RDO 302 ES (M.W.)

  • A unique product developed for all types of drilling where rock drill oils are used, such as D.T.H., air tracks, percussive drills, casing drivers, and top hammers.

DD 2000


  • An environmentally safe, very high molecular weight, powdered viscosifier that can be used in either fresh or brine water. It can be used in the diamond, rotary, or seismic drilling industries.


  • The ultimate rotary and diamond drilling product for in-hole torque reducing, protecting against rod wear, preventing rust, and extending bit life.


Foamer ES

  • A non-alcohol based foam used for diamond and rotary drilling. It provides an environmentally acceptable foaming agent for water well drilling operations.


D.H.F. (Diesel Hammer Fuel)

  • Offers the ultimate environmentally safe alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuels and biodiesels (part diesel/part vegetable or animal oils) to protect against contamination of job sites.