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DD 1200


Ultra High Viscosifier




DD 1200 is an environmentally safe ultra high molecular weight liquid viscosifier and fluid loss reducer which can be used in either fresh or brine water. It is used in the diamond, rotary, and seismic drilling industries. DD 1200 rapidly builds viscosity and is very resistant to any contaminants that may be encountered while drilling. DD 1200 has excellent shear resistant properties, which prevents viscosity breakdown after it is pumped down-hole and circulated back to surface. DD 1200 can be used for all drilling applications, especially in shales, clays, blocky or fractured formations, overburden, sands, and gravel.




DD 1200 can be fed directly into the suction hose, agitated with a mixer tank, paddled into a holding tank, or dripped into the holding tank close to the suction intake. DD 1200 can be used in conjunction with all Matex drilling fluid additives.




For normal drilling operation, use 1 quart or less of DD 1200 per 100 gallons (2.5 liters/1000 liters) of water. Up to 2 quarts per 100 gallons (5.0 liters/1000 liters) should be used for more difficult areas. Due to water composition and drilling conditions, these dosages may vary.




No special precautions are necessary. Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided.


Shipping and Storage:


DD 1200 is shipped in 5 gallon (20 liter) pails. Containers are nonreturnable and should not be reused under any conditions. DD 1200 can be stored either indoors or outdoors and has excellent freeze/thaw recovery.